J.E. Shekell

Client & problem

How we got an HVAC company an industry leading 4.17% CTR

We worked with J.E. Shekell, a southern Indiana HVAC company, to help them improve their results from search and digital advertising. J.E. Shekell realized that their service was preferred by high income customers but often overlooked by lower income ones due to them viewing it as overpriced, even though Shekell offered many services at cheaper prices than competitors. They reached out to us to help them better promote their deals and boost their search presence.

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First, we analyzed J.E. Shekell’s existing ad set designs and placement to see why there was such a divide between customer perception and the actual service pricing. Then, we updated J.E. Shekell’s ads with new creatives and copy that better exemplified ability to provide quality at a reasonable price. We especially focused on highlighting the cost savings that customers could see through having their system routinely maintained by a J.E. Shekell professional. We also adjusted their targeting away from older, more wealthy audiences who already held a positive opinion of the company to younger, lower income homeowners who weren’t fully aware of the benefits J.E. Shekell offered. Finally, we decided on placing the ads on multiple channels to reach potential customers at every stage of their buyer journey. We utilized Facebook to build brand awareness with people who had shown an interest in HVAC services. We bought ads on YouTube to reach people in the consideration phase who were evaluating service options and then had Google Ads for customers deciding between service providers.

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